When I was in Tallinn in October I noted with some surprise that none of the supermarkets seemed to sell Rice Krisipies. They had a wide range of other breakfast cereals, and all even had Coco Pops (although they’re known here as Choco Krispies), but Rice Krispies were conspicuously missing. Thanks to the wonderful “community layer” on Google Earth, I’ve discovered that there’s a Rimi supermarket only a couple of hundred metres away from my apartment that I was previously completely unaware of and that is much closer than the only other two I knew of nearby. Unfortunately they also have an absence of Rice Krispies, but at least I won’t have to walk quite so far to do my grocery shopping in future.

This afternoon, however, I was in the food shop in the basement of Viru Keskus, and discovered that they were now stocking Rice Krispies. This means I won’t have to alter my breakfast habits just yet, and armed with the knowledge that they are indeed available, I might even be able to convince my local Rimi to carry them. I’ll wait until I find someone there who speaks fluent English though, as my Estonian skills are still extremely basic, and this sort of request doesn’t appear in any of the “useful phrases” lists I’ve seen so far!

In Search of Rice Krispies

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