Opening a bank account may have been trivial, but today I encountered the much more difficult problem of actually transferring money into my new account. My main choices seem to be ludicrously slow or ludicrously expensive.

I had hoped to be able to just write myself a cheque frim my UK account and deposit it in my Estonian one. Unfortunately I was informed that this would take two to three weeks to clear! I considered just withdrawing cash via an ATM and depositing that, but my UK bank will limit how much I can withdraw per day, charge me 1.5% (min £1.75) per withdrawal, and also sneakily take an extra 2.75% on the exchange rate (which most people never notice). So it seems my only sensible option is a SWIFT transfer, and its £21 fee!

I’m probably going to have to transfer money quite regularly, so I really hope there’s another method that I’m just being too stupid to think of …

Not so easy

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