My sleep habits have been seriously disturbed since moving here. The overnight flight to get here knocked things out straightaway, and in some ways I still haven’t really recovered. I always have difficulty adjusting to the time difference when moving east, and although I didn’t really expect two hours to be significant, I’m mostly having to work on UK time so I often find myself automatically subtracting 2 hours when I look at a clock. The bright streetlights outside my bedroom window aren’t helping much either, as I’ve gotten used over the last 8 years to living far enough outside the city for there to be no artificial light at night.

Then, for much of this week, I found myself in the interesting position of having to do work in the middle of the night UK time, when servers would be at their least busy, whilst having to discus the plans for this on Japanese time! I don’t think I’ve managed to get to sleep before 4am all week.

Until last night, when everything caught up with me, and I fell asleep at 8pm. Unfortunately I then woke at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got back up again. By 8am I was really tired again, and went back to bed until noon. I’ve considered experimenting with this sort of sleep pattern before, and in some ways now would be an ideal time to start. But I think I’ll leave that for another day.

My key question for now is what time I’m going to get to sleep at tonight…

Going crepuscular

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